Septic system installation, design, maintenance, and repair in Galveston, Texas

If you need expert septic tank installation and design in Galveston, our team at Acuantia is here to help. We have experts near you across the state of Texas, call today for a consultation and quote.

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Septic Services in Your Area


System Design

Our team provides you with septic design options that best fit your site needs, within your budget.



We work closely with you to have a septic system installed within budget and in your timeline.



If any part of your current system needs to be replaced, we will guide you through the best solution.


Site & Soil Evaluation

We evaluate your site and soils to make sure it can support a repair, expanded, or new septic system.



Our pros are experts at diagnosing the right repair to get your system running properly.



We maintain your system on a regular basis, keeping you informed and being proactive.

If you are currently engaged in constructing a home in a rural area near Galveston, Texas, establishing a business that lacks access to a municipal septic system around Galveston, or need replacement for an existing septic system, the professionals and Acuantia Septic of Galveston are available to offer assistance.

A septic system installation involves a broad range of field variables to consider. The topography and soil composition surrounding Galveston exhibit significant variability - and a coastal location can require very different installations when compared to something more inland. Customizing your system design to your precise requirements is of utmost importance. Please contact our team near Galveston now to learn more!


We provide a range of septic system solutions in and around Galveston’s suburban regions. Our skilled team caters to Pearland, Friendswood, League City, Dickinson, and Santa Fe - including all the outlying rural areas beyond the larger urban & municipal sewer service zones.

Our expertise covers the major components of septic systems, encompassing engineering, installation, and design. We have a collaborative partnership with Tank Depot to guarantee that we offer the ideal septic tank type for your specific requirements- be they inland or in a coastal location. Our options range from fiberglass and steel to concrete, plastic, or an aerobic system. Our top-quality installations and their superior products ensure long-lasting septic installation with proper maintenance.


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Let us take your septic stress. No matter how large or small, complex or simple, we can handle it and be your guide!

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