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Site & Soil Evaluation

We evaluate your site and soils to make sure it can support a repair, expanded, or new septic system.

Converse, Texas is located in Bexar County, which has a variety of soil types, including clay, loam, and sand. This can make septic system installation, design, or site and soil evaluation more challenging than in areas with more uniform soil conditions.

Another unique factor in Converse is the high water table. The Edwards Aquifer, which is a major source of drinking water for the region, is located just below the surface in some areas of Converse. This means that septic systems need to be carefully designed and installed to prevent contamination of the aquifer.

Finally, Converse is a growing city, which means that there is increasing demand for septic system services. This can lead to longer wait times and higher costs for septic system services.

Here are some specific tips for septic system installation, design, or site and soil evaluation in Converse, Texas:

Installation: When installing a septic system in Converse, it is important to choose a contractor who has experience working with the local soil conditions and water table. The contractor should also be licensed and insured.

Design: If you are designing a septic system for a new home, it is important to work with a qualified engineer. The engineer can help you design a system that is appropriate for your property and that meets all applicable regulations.

Maintenance: Septic systems require regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly. This includes having the system inspected by a qualified technician on an annual basis.


Here are some tips to help extend the life of your Converse, Texas septic system - including tips on what can and cannot go down your drain:

Avoid putting grease, oil, and fat (GOF) down the drain. GOF can coat the pipes and tank, making it difficult for the bacteria to break down the waste. This can lead to clogs and backups.

Don't flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. Other items, such as feminine hygiene products, diapers, and wipes, can also clog the pipes and tank.

Use a garbage disposal sparingly. Garbage disposals can put extra strain on your septic system and add more solids to the tank. If you must use a garbage disposal, be sure to grind up food particles thoroughly and avoid putting grease, oil, and fat down the drain.

Plant trees and shrubs away from your septic tank and drain field. The roots of trees and shrubs can damage the septic system components. It is best to plant trees and shrubs at least 50 feet away from the septic tank and drain field.


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