Septic system installation and repair in Waupaca, WI

If you need expert septic tank installation and design in Waupaca our team at Acuantia is here to help. We have experts near you across the state call today for a consultation and quote.

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Septic Services in Your Area


System Design

Our team provides you with septic design options that best fit your site needs, within your budget.



We work closely with you to have a septic system installed within budget and in your timeline.



If any part of your current system needs to be replaced, we will guide you through the best solution.


Site & Soil Evaluation

We evaluate your site and soils to make sure it can support a repair, expanded, or new septic system.



Our pros are experts at diagnosing the right repair to get your system running properly.



We maintain your system on a regular basis, keeping you informed and being proactive.



We can inspect your current system and provide expert advice to keep you running.

If you are in need of septic system installation or maintenance services in Waupaca, WI, Acuantia is your trusted partner. Our team is comprised of skilled technicians and engineers who specialize in providing high-quality customer service and meticulous attention to detail. We offer a comprehensive range of services including installation, site and soil evaluation, maintenance, and repair in Waupaca and its surrounding areas.

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your property, leveraging our in-depth understanding of local regulations. Based on our expertise, we provide guidance on the most suitable septic system type and optimal placement within your property. Additionally, if you require maintenance or inspection services for an existing septic system, we are well-equipped to assist you.

At Acuantia, we recognize that a septic system when installed correctly can have a lifespan of 20-30 years when it is properly designed, engineered responsibly, and diligently maintained. Our team is capable of supporting you throughout all stages of the septic system lifecycle. To schedule a consultation and discover how we can work together to ensure the efficient operation and longevity of your septic system in Waupaca, please don't hesitate to contact us today.


Acuantia empathizes with the frustrations homeowners face when dealing with subpar customer service from companies that don't respond. We take pride in offering an elevated approach to customer service. Throughout the entirety of our engagement, we prioritize transparent communication, ensuring that you receive the best septic system installation and maintenance services available in Waupaca and its neighboring areas, including Chain O' Lakes-King, Red Banks, Weyauwega and other nearby towns and lake areas.

Beacuse of the plethora of lakes and rivers near Waupaca, it is important to understand delicate ecosystems of waterfront areas and areas that are adjacent to lakes and rivers as we design, engineer, and place your septic system. Our team remains well-versed in the latest regulations governing Waupaca County and the broader Wisconsin region. Equipped with the necessary expertise, our engineers and system designers are proficient in guaranteeing the optimal functioning of your system. With regular maintenance interventions, we aim to spare you the frustration of waterlogged yards, unpleasant odors, and avoidable backups.

If you seek a company that exemplifies high-quality workmanship and customer-centricity for septic system design, repair, installation, maintenance and more we urge you to contact the professionals at Acuantia right away!


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