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System Design

Our team provides you with septic design options that best fit your site needs, within your budget.


Site & Soil Evaluation

We evaluate your site and soils to make sure it can support a repair, expanded, or new septic system.



We work closely with you to have a septic system installed within budget and in your timeline.

Mendocino, CA has a unique ecosystem and location along the California coast - so special considerations must be entertained when installing a septic system
Soil type: Mendocino County has a wide variety of soil types, from sandy loams to clay loams to rocky soils. The type of soil on your property will play a major role in determining the type of septic system that is right for you.
Rainfall: Mendocino County receives an average of 50 inches of rain per year. This high level of rainfall can put a strain on septic systems, so it is important to choose a system that can handle the heavy workload.
Topography: Mendocino County has a hilly landscape, which can make it difficult to find a suitable site for a septic system. It is important to have your property evaluated by one of our qualified septic system professionals to determine the best location for your system.
Environmental regulations: Mendocino County has strict environmental regulations in place to protect water quality. Septic systems must be installed and maintained in accordance with these regulations.


If you are considering installing a septic system in Mendocino, CA, it is important to work with one of the qualified septic system professionals at Acuantia Septic. We can help you choose the right system for your property and ensure that it is installed and maintained properly.

Here are some additional tips for installing a septic system in Mendocino, CA:

Choose a system that is designed for the specific soil type and rainfall conditions on your property.
Have your property evaluated by Acuantia Septic's team to determine the best location for your system.
Obtain all necessary permits before starting construction. Our team of installers can help with this complicated step.
Have your septic system inspected and pumped every 3-5 years.


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