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To install a septic system in Forbestown, California, you will need to:

Obtain a permit from the Butte County Health Department. You can apply for a permit online or by mail.
Hire a licensed septic installer. The installer will need to design and install the system according to the requirements of the Butte County Health Department.
Choose the right type of septic system for your property. There are two main types of septic systems: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic systems use oxygen to break down sewage, while anaerobic systems do not. The type of system that is best for you will depend on your soil conditions and the size of your home.
Install the septic tank and drainfield. The septic tank will store the sewage until it is broken down by bacteria. The drainfield is a network of pipes that distributes the treated sewage into the soil.
Have the septic system inspected and pumped regularly. Septic systems need to be inspected and pumped every few years to remove solids that build up in the tank.


Here are some additional things to keep in mind when installing a septic system in Forbestown:

The septic tank must be located at least 10 feet from any well or water source.
The drainfield must be located at least 50 feet from any well or water source, and at least 100 feet from any property line.
The septic tank and drainfield must be installed on level ground.
The septic tank and drainfield must be properly sized for your home.
You should also be aware of the following regulations from the Butte County Health Department:

Septic systems must be inspected by a licensed septic inspector every three years.
Septic tanks must be pumped every two to five years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of people using the system.
Septic systems must be maintained in good condition at all times.


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