Wildfire Vs. Your Septic System

Wildfires can be rampant and long-lasting. How does this affect your septic system? While the septic is a few feet underground, and is not initially affected by the flames themselves. They can potentially be damaged by the increased pressure of those trying to fight the fires. If this ends up being the case, here are a few measures to take in order to keep your septic in optimum condition.

  • If there is visible sewage, limit access to the area.
  • Disinfect the area with bleach or hydrated lime (Be sure to wear protective clothing.)
  • Contact a professional of wastewater treatment systems.

Sometimes, the sewage will not be immediately visible. If you are hesitant about the issue, block off the area for the safety of your family and pets. If you are returning to our home after a wildfire has been handled it is recommended that you have it inspected by a professional. While this is not required, it can be a preventive measure for larger future issues. A professional should thoroughly check the integrity of any sewer pipes that may have been impacted by the intense heat of the fire. It might even be advisable to evacuate the tank and have an effluent filter installed.

Did you know that you do not have to replace an entire septic tank if it is damaged by fire? Typically, you will only have to replace the section of the tank that was affected by the flames. This does not include the top of the septic tank. If the top of the tank is damaged, then the inside was most likely exposed to external influences, as well as it poses a risk to anyone who may walk over the tank and it collapse due to structural damage.

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