Everything You Need To Know About The California Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program (And How To Apply)

California covers over 160,000 square miles of the United States. That means plenty of homeowners, real estate agents and developers have to install, maintain, repair and replace septic systems throughout the state as there is not enough room for every home to be connected to the city’s sewer systems. Replacing, repairing and pumping a septic system can quickly become an expensive project, and many homeowners worry about being able to afford it. That is why the California Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program provides funding to businesses and homeowners in eligible rural areas.

Our team at Acuantia knows just how important this program may be to some of our clients, therefore we want to make the application process efficient and provide all the help we can to our clients. Some applications require specific engineering, and we have expert engineers who can assist with those aspects of the application process. No matter what your financial situation is, we want to make sure your septic system is taken care of properly and in a timely fashion. To learn more about how we can assist with the application process, contact us today.

How To Apply For Funding

In order to apply for funding, you need to contact a program specialist in your area before you can start filling out forms and applications. After speaking with a program specialist, you must visit RD Apply to start this process. Then you will need to obtain a Level 2 eAuthentication Account by submitting certain information to the eAuthentication system including your name, address, date of birth, etc. Once the submitted information is accepted, an activation email will be sent and the Level 2 eAuthentication account will be activated through the email. Once this happens, you will receive a second email that will require you to verify the Level 2 access. This can be done either by using the online self-service portal or by visiting a Local Registration Authority to verify your identity.

Who Is Eligible for California’s Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program?

The Water & Waste Disposal Loan & Grant Program provides funding to specific groups of individuals who are not able to otherwise obtain credit commercially and on reasonable terms. Those who are eligible to receive funding from this program are:

  • Almost all state and local government agencies
  • Federally recognized tribes
  • Private non-profits

It’s important to note that this funding is not available everywhere in California. Areas that are eligible for assistance from this program are:

  • Towns and rural areas with a population of less than 10,000
  • Rural areas that consist of tribal lands
  • Colonias

When Is The Application Deadline?

According to the website for California’s Water & Waste Loan & Grant Program, there is no deadline to submit an application to receive funding, although ideally you should apply with plenty of time for paperwork and approvals before you actually need the funds.

What Can The Funding Be Used For

This program provides funding for many projects related to water and waste treatment and disposal. The funds allocated for this program can be used to finance the construction, improvement or acquisition of:

  • Sewer transmission, collection and disposal
  • Collection, disposal and closure of solid waste
  • Sourcing, treatment, storage and distribution of drinking water
  • Collection, transmission and disposal of stormwater

In some rare cases, the funding from this program can also be used for:

  • Water and land rights
  • Permits and equipment
  • Start-up costs and cost of maintenance

Why Choose Acuantia?

We solve homeowners’ onsite wastewater needs by:

  • Providing a one-stop-shop experience
  • Partnering with trusted, high-quality service providers
  • Affordably managing your project end-to-end
  • Simplifying the complicated onsite wastewater experience
  • Managing and completing your job to the highest standard
  • Maintaining your system to keep it running into the future

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